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Reactive Rust Remover

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Avgjøld íroknaði. Levering roknað í kassanum.

Sýrufríur Rust Fjernari

Hesin rústfjernarin er sýrufríur, hetta er við til at gera, at hann er tryggur at nýta á nógvar ymsar flatur, eitt nú lakkið. Hann verður ofta brúktur aftaná eitt vanligt vask, har bilurin framvegis følist eitt sindur 'sandutur', tað kann t.d. vera flúgvirustur frá bremsunum, sum setur seg á lakkið (sera vanligt). 


This powerful, pH-neutral cleaner is made with reactive agents and extra high performance detergents. Superficial rust, metal particles, burnt-in brake dust and other non-organic pollutants are swiftly and thoroughly cleaned away. Gentle for materials. Components are harmonised for a longer contact time / moisturisation, so that the reactive agents can dissolve tough stains and burnt-in particles effectively. The cleaner, once it has dissolved the dirt, turns violet in colour. The special surfactants in the formula coat and disperse the partially dissolved dirt, so it is easy to rinse it off.

Areas of use

For painted surfaces, glass and wheel rims of cars, commercial vehicles etc. Check sensitive surfaces such as polished aluminium on an inconspicuous area for product compatibility.

Recommendations for use

Spray undiluted product onto surface and allow it to be absorbed for around three to six minutes. Finish off if required with a brush or sponge. Rinse thoroughly.


ph-virði: 5,5


Do not use on hot surfaces. Do not let dry.


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