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Nano Magic Shampoo (NMS)

SKU: OC-1051

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Unchallenged high-tech shampoo to thorough gloss cleaning and long-term protection in a single step. Previously applied waxes and seals are preserved. The unique combination of care components leaves behind a long-lasting protective and water-repellent nano-layer.


    • Add about 50 ml of shampoo (5 capfuls) to 10L of warm water.
    • Clean the vehicle with a wash pad.
    • Then rinse off with a soft water jet and wipe any remaining water off with a cloth.
    • Drying is made easier through the use of Allround Quick Shine and the gloss effect is optimized even further.


    • This product information can advise you only without obligation. Liability on the part of Koch-Chemie cannot be derived. Please check whether the product is suitable for your application.

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