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Heavy Cut H9.02 1L - Koch-Chemie

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Heavy Cut H9.02 1L - Koch-Chemie 

Coarse polishing compound, silicone-oil-free

Innovative machine polish for fast reworking of heavily weathered paintwork, elimination of deep scratches, and effective removal of paint mists and sanding traces of up to 1,200 grain. With its extremely homogeneous abrasive grain, Heavy Cut 9.02 achieves an extremely high level of cut with an excellent gloss level. Can be polished for prolonged periods without sticking and with low dust formation. Ideally suited to all types of paint (both soft and scratch-proof).

CUT: 9.0

GLOSS: 6.0

Areas Of Use:

  • Recommendations for use
    • Apply in a crosswise motion with a rotary polisher and a lambskin pad (for sanding traces of 1,200–2,500) or the Heavy Cut Pad (for sanding traces of 1,500–3,000). Apply polishing compound at medium speed and with medium pressure. Polish afterwards with Micro Cut M3.02 or Micro Cut & Finish P3.01 for the best possible finish.


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