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White Magic Sponge

SKU: FL-1036

25,00 kr

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For effortless removal of stubborn scuffs and blemishes from all decorative vinyl and plastic trim. Try it and see why it's one of our new best selling lines. The Magic Sponge will remove scuff marks that traditional cleaners won't shift!
Instructions:Simply dampen the Magic Sponge and rub it vigorously over the offending mark.Will remove scuffs from interior door panels, kick plates, luggage compartment, boot, estate car load area, seat backs and simliar surfaces in trucks, buses, boats, caravans and around the home!This sponge is very effective at removing impacted insects from the window, grill or hood of your car. Caution should be taken on glossy surfaces as the sponge may cause a dulling.


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