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Avgjøld íroknaði. Levering roknað í kassanum.

*** You no longer have to wince at the thought of what you'll find on your vehicle after a ride. 
*** You won't find fine scratches from debris that flew by your vehicle without your notice. 
*** No having to douse and wipe off your windshield free of bug guts. 
*** Your vehicle will no longer show signs that you drive anywhere besides city roads and expressways. 
*** Your family and friends will be bewildered and amazed at how well-kept your vehicle looks despite a drive through "the wild." 

Go ahead and drive through a scenic route or go off-road and enjoy nature without nature dinging up your glass and metal. 

The Bugfilm Vehicle Mask is a temporary film that protects your vehicle from bug stains and minor stone chips. Applies easily: just spray it on! And it's removed easily: just wash it off. 

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