bil polering føroyar
bil polering føroyar

125mm DA Black Microfiber Cutting Pad

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Made from microfibre and Polyeurethane foam, our microfibres bridge the continuously elusive gap between dual action and rotary polishing, without compromising on safety and performance.Our professional grade black microfibre replaces the traditional foam pad surface, offering a faster cutting incredibly responsive pad. Our black microfibre is a lint-free, super soft material, with a short 7mm pile ideal for a professional finish fast!To Clean:To keep this soft microfibre surface working at its peak, rinse pads in running hand warm water and use your fingers to gently massage out any remaining polish residue which may cause matting and air dry. If available pads can be dried with an air gun to help keep the surface open and fluffy. Store in a dry and particle free environment.

  • 125 mm x 10 mm
  • Suitable for DA polishers
  • Suitable for rotary polishers
  • Suitable for medium and hard paints



Surface:Black Microfibre

Foam Layer:10mm

Foam:Orange Cutting

Max RPM:3,000

Max OPM:4,500

Weight:17.8 Grams